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Written by Rachel Betzen   

Why is This Free?

Rachel loves children, and is passionate about providing just the right services for the life changing differences a child needs at that moment in development. With the heart-breaking realization that problems with reading were plaguing our young people, and significantly limiting their potential, there seemed a pressing need for change. With a simple program, available for free, easily adapted, that can be used at home or school, this can make a real difference for our youngest readers.


It was important to create a multi-sensory speech cue program that would be well suited to those with sound awareness deficits or a history of speech-language problems. A good pre-literacy curriculum could be used to remediate as well as teach pre-literacy skills, and directly teach beginning reading. A good pre-literacy program would improve phonological awareness skills and foundational language skills to support later reading success.


Thus, PreLiteracy.com was born!


PreLiteracy.com will always offer the building blocks of our program, helpful materials and other resources free of charge. By following our instructions and guidelines a parent, teacher or therapist could create high quality pre-literacy experiences or provide beginning reading instruction with the free information we provide.


If a child in your life has benefited from the resources at PreLiteracy.com, please consider making a donation today!  All donations will go towards site maintenance and expansion of our resources.



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