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Pre-Literacy Learning Guides from Birth to 5 Years

Practical and easy-to-use tips for parents at each stage of development, our learning guides are perfect for helping each parent build the right kind of learning environment for their child.


  • How does language learning happen, and why is it important for reading?
  • Which kinds of books are best for each age group?
  • How do I help my child use more words and expand her vocabulary?
  • What can I do to help my daughter better understand and remember stories?
  • How do I help my son learn letter sounds and begin reading?


Find answers to these questions and more with easily organized information and fun learning strategies for each level of development. Read through each section to see how children grow their speech, language and pre-reading skills as they develop, or skip ahead to a specific age level.


PreLiteracy Learning Guide for Parents


The First Year: Interact and Take Turns


1-2 years: New Words


2-3 years: Beginning sentences


3-4 years: Pretending


4-5 years: Language and Literacy





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Rachel Betzen MA, CCC/SLP


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1 Descriptions of Speech Cues Rachel Betzen
2 The First Year: Interact and Take Turns Rachel Betzen
3 1-2 years: New Words Rachel Betzen
4 2-3 years: Beginning sentences Rachel Betzen
5 3-4 years: Pretending Rachel Betzen
6 4-5 years: Language and Literacy Rachel Betzen
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